Warranty Policy

Note: Only for orders purchased on our website (https://www.kugooescooters.com/), we can provide you with 12 months of after-sales and maintenance services. If you want to buy accessories, you can also consult our customer service staff to buy, If you purchased the Kugoo electric scooter on Amazon, eBay or other platforms, you need to find the customer service staff of the website you purchased to provide after-sales maintenance services, our company has regulations, where you buy it, it will be provided by the website you purchased. Complete after-sale service, sorry.

1. Warranty Of Electric Scooters / Bikes

    Within 7 days ,We only refund or replace items when we ascertain the scooter has gone faulty due to defects in materials/workmanship (starting from the date of delivery). No shipping fee for returns or replacements in this case.

    After 7 days - within 12 months, if the customer has product quality problems, our company provides free accessories and free maintenance. The customer does not need to bear the return shipping fee, but needs to bear the shipping fee sent to you after the return (Customers only charge the freight once at most).please contact us before returning a defective item in order to receive the return shipping address and other instructions.

    Before returning the package to our overseas warehouse, you must communicate with our customer service staff, otherwise it will easily cause your returned package to be lost and unclaimed, thank you for your cooperation

2.Warranty Of Accessories

    Within 7 days,If there are quality problems , our company will provide accessories for free and bear the logistics cost.

    After 7 days - within 12 months, our company will provide accessories for free but not bear the logistics cost; if the warranty period exceeds 1 year, the dealer needs to pay the corresponding accessories and logistics costs.

Battery      6 months warranty
Motor        6 months warranty
Controller 6 months warranty
Charger    3months warranty
Display     3 months warranty

    Consumable parts are damaged if they are not received by customers, but they are damaged during use and need to be purchased and replaced by customers themselves. Consumable parts: (tire kits, brake kits)

    All Kugoo customers qualify for full access to our no questions asked warranty immediately after purchase. If you ever have any inquiry's regarding whether or not your product is still under warranty just email us at service@kugooescooters.com and inquire about your warranty status.

3.The Warranty Shall Be Void And All Rights From It Shall Be Lost In The Following Situations:

●The product was modified or repaired by unauthorized technicians or/and by using faulty, modified, or unoriginal equipment / accessories. 
●The product has suffered accidents or damages caused by external factors, atmospheric conditions or any other such events. 
●The faults are caused by dirt, impurities, water, foreign bodies, etc., where applicable. 
●The product was used in the rain and/or driven through a body of water with a depth bigger than 4 cm. 
●Product or parts identification series / codes / marks etc. that are deleted / illegible, marking or embossment crafted, made for various purposes Spare parts or original pars show dents, mechanical shock, thermal or other fractures, cracks, etc. not attributable to them. 
●Changes to the original condition of the product by natural influences (corrosion, condensation, etc.) due to improper storage conditions. 
●The product has not been used according to the conditions of the user manual. – link Product’s faults are caused by vandalism or similar causes. 
●The warranty duration has expired.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your warranty information, please send an email to service@kugooescooters.com