KugooKirin G1 52V 18.5A 10inch 2000W Powerful Double Motor Drive High Speed 65km/h Hydraulic Brake Electric Scooter Offroad E-scooter

【52V 18.2Ah Battery】</br> 【Dual 1000w x 2 Motor】</br> 【Max Speed 65km/h Max 65km Range】</br> 【One Year Warranty, Offer After Sale Service in Europe】</br> 【Free Shipping , Fast Shipping 4 - 7 Days Delivery】

Free shipping
4-8 days delivery(working day)
Highlight & Warranty:  18.5A Battery and 12 Months Warranty


In order to better provide you with after-sales service, please keep the original packaging and foam of the product to avoid damage to the product due to transportation during the after-sales service.


10 Inch Pneumatic & Anti-Skid Tire
 Strong Grip, Wear-resisting and Safe. It's Suitable for Different Kinds of Roads.

3 Speed Running Modes You control the speed with one key according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more security.

2000W Motor
Strong Power and Running 60km/h: 2000W Motor, 60KM Running Distance.

LCD Display Screen
You Could check the Speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, etc information via the display Screen.

Front LED Light & Safety Warning Taillight
Bright Red Light to ensure your night riding safety.

Shock Mitigation System
Dual shock mitigation system can help you enjoy a comfortable riding.

Folding Handle
Help to get a tiny size when the scooter is folding.

Brake System
The electric scooter is equipped with a electromagnetic brake on the front wheel and the rear wheel.


General Brand KugooKirin
Model Number G1
Color Black
Classification Electric Scooter
Size 135*32*62cm
Gross Weight 38.1kg
Net Weight 31.2kg
Unfolded Size 130*65*134cm
Folded Size 130*65*53cm
Width of handlebar 650mm
Height of chassis  190mm
Width of plate 234mm
Max Load 150kg
Waterproof IP54
Material Aluminium alloy
Level 1 Top Speed 37 km/h
Level 2 Top Speed 54 km/h
Level 3 Top Speed 65 km/h
Brake Disk + EABS E-brake
Slope 15°
Max Mileage 65KM
Max brake distance 5M
Max Speed  65km/h
Motor Rated power 1000W
Voltage 52V
Instantaneous max power 1100W
Max PRM 1454RPM
Max output torque 29N.m
Battery Capacity 18.2Ah
Voltage 52V
Charging Time 10 Hours for a full charge 
Standard power consumption kW.h 946Wh
LED Beam 3pcs
Power 1.5W
Beam Angle 100°
Beam Area 1M2
Charger Input Voltage AC100-240V
Input Current 2.5A
Output Voltage 58.8V
Input Current 2A
Tire Tube Size 10 inch *2
Type Pneumatic Tire
Material Rubber
Outer Tire Size 80/65-6A-3051
Type  Pneumatic Tire
Best pressure 345KPa
Material Rubber
Brake Disk Outer-Dia. ZDC-140-Z
Inner-Dia 44MM   33MM
Display Type OLED 
Size 130mm*112mm*35mm
Display Content  Level, Speed, Battery, Error code  KM/H, MPH
Function  Cruise function Hold the accelerator up to 8 seconds by the same speed,  Cruise function on
KM/H to MPH/MILE Make Display to P02 to settle
Package Content 1*Electric Scooter
1*User Manual
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